Saturday, February 17, 2018

Have you taken your Pills

One morning an old man arrived. From his looks he seemed wealthy yet his pallor said otherwise.  He genuflected at Master’s feet and said: Master I pray to God every day, follow my rituals, burn incense, live life by the scriptures, yet nothing happens. He is not listening to me.

Have you taken the pills? Master asked.

What pills Master? The old man asked befuddled.

Master smiled and spoke: Imagine you are unwell and you visit your doctor and he is the best doctor in the world. So when you go to him, he writes you a prescription for the pills and tells you how to take them and when. You respect him and to show him your respect when you return home you make a temple for him, put his statue and photographs inside the temple, burn incense sticks, and chant the prescription as your mantra 'one yellow pill in morning, one at night before sleeping'.

And you do this chanting, these rituals sincerely very dedicatedly, yet you do not actually take the pills. Now tell me my good fellow, how will you get better if you don't take the pill but only keep chanting the prescription!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Letting Go Love

One day a beautiful girl, youthful yet melancholy, with tears in her eyes came to the Master and asked: Master why it is so difficult so painful and so utterly miserable to let go of the one we love. 

Master smiled and patted the girl’s head: My child, it is very easy to let go of the physical dimension of the person; what is difficult and painful and miserable to let go are your emotions, your expectations, and your fear of your own vulnerability that all arises out of the relationship that your egocentric self dictates to you as your ultimate reality and sole path to salvation and happiness. Hence it appears that letting go of the loved one is akin to dying a cruel death. It seems like the end to your very existence since your own expectations and emotions are so all pervading that you forget the fundamental law of life, that everything must and will change and whatever arises will go away; including this person and your emotions and both of your lives.

So whether you can let go or not, you are still holding on to emptiness of emotions and negativity. And it only hurts you making you more and more miserable. So only you have the power to save and redeem yourself. Not that person you love. He has already moved on. You have to let go of your own emotions, egos, expectations, and miseries. No one else can do that for you. Irrespective of you being able to let go of your loved one or not, he is anyway gone. It's now up to you to see the reality and bring this madness to a conclusion and move on. 

Why does everything change? Why nothing is constant or imperishable and never ending: the girl now asked bewildered.

Believe me my child, if everything was imperishable and forever then you would hate each moment of your life. Without change and impermanence we lose the meaning of life. Life exists since there is death an end to it. Imagine only a beginning and from there to eternity and beyond. So things must take birth and then perish. It is the motion of change that allows us to appreciate truly what we sense and observe. There’s value in something that is going to end. If it never ended it would have no value at all. Or even a meaning. But then coming back to answer your question...

Universal law of change is there because of the very fabric of life and universe both at physical and non physical level that is in constant motion, constant flux of infinitesimal moments that are so tiny to become apparently nonexistent to our gross senses. And therefore we exist in this grand delusion of solidity, of permanence, of something that shall never change. These moments arise and pass away so quickly that we cannot perceive them as motion. So it looks stationary.

But Master how exactly can I let go? With every breath that I take or exhale I utter his name and my love for him.

What you claim to be love is nothing but dependency. A craving for something that you cannot have. A self denial of the obvious for self-preservation. Refusing to wake up even after the sun has arisen and a new day has begun. So with every breath you inhale and exhale utter to yourself that nothing remains forever, everything changes; anything that begins will end one day. 

Life is about letting go and moving on, this is the law of life and one who doesn't follow this law suffers irreversibly. Let him go from all your senses and planes of existence. Clean up your garden, plant new seeds. It's time for you to find the new life that is surely awaiting you on the other side of the road. All you have to do is cross it. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Self Love

Master, a woman asked one day, there are so many kind of love, so many different levels, which do you think is the best, which we all must seek and find.

Dear child, Master said, of love there is only one kind. Rest are all manifestations, which we see in different forms and shapes and colours and feel that they are different. Like we see water, sometime as liquid and colourless, then solid-white as ice and snow or then as a gas when it evaporates or becomes steam. Whether it stays above and floats around as cloud or pours upon us as rain... it is still water. No matter its state, it is still essentially water. As long you can see the water and know what it is worth then no matter the manifestation you will find the same life giving propensities within all.

Then what is this love that you speak of! She asked.

It is Self Love that is supreme and truly fulfilling. No matter where you go or with who you are, no matter what happens you would always find love and beauty since it is not the outside that has the love, the outside world is only a reflection of what you already have deep within. We all have it, we are born of it, with it, and all we must do is discover it, realize it, cherish it, apply it and never lose sight of. That’s the only love that is truly yours, the only one that you possess and that belongs to you, self-love. Rest are merely reflections and manifestations.

It’s like a mirror, you don’t really need a mirror to be beautiful, you don’t even need to see the mirror all the time to know how you look, but seldom can we pass a mirror and not look into our reflection and perhaps set our hair right or rub our nose or straighten your cheeks. So the mirror is important but what will it reflect if you are not beautiful already! How will the outside world, or anyone else offer you love, show you the reflection of love if you don’t have it already within. Therefore the struggle to find love. We are looking outside, at all the wrong places. Like looking for an apple in an olive tree. We will never find it. Love thyself, love who you are and what you are and who you can truly become. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sadness and Happiness

It was a cold winter morning at the Master’s mountain hut, and we were out under the sun. Master sat on the grass as the rest of us.
A devotee asked: Master have you ever been sad or felt grief?
Not me; Master spoke, but my heart and mind, which is human, has felt sadness as well as grief.
Then what did you do? Someone asked.
Nothing. Master smiled. I just accepted that I was sad and aggrieved and allowed them to go when it was their time to leave.

Being sad or feeling grief is only natural that we all must go through, but what prolongs the agony is our unwillingness to let them go when it is their time to leave.
How should we handle grief and sadness? Another asked.
With acceptance yet without ownership.

And how should we deal with happiness? I interjected.
No need to deal with happiness my friend, Master looked into my eyes, happiness is like the warm sun on a cold day, just like it is today, bask in it, enjoy it fully and make the most of it while it lasts. For this too will go one day.

Grief and happiness are not mutually exclusive since each carries the seed of the other. Absence of one makes us feel the other more acutely, yet there never is a sadness where there isn’t a tinge of merriment while there is no happiness within which there is not a trace of agony. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Two Blind

I want to be your disciple, Master. A young man came to Master’s mountain abode and genuflected in front of the Master.

And the reason! Master posed sportingly.

I want to get enlightened, I want to learn about life, I want to change the world, I want to know.

And you think that you will achieve all these if I take you as a disciple!

I believe so Master.

Can a blind lead another blind. Master asked.

I don’t understand your question Master.

I am not enlightened myself, I haven’t learnt anything about life yet, I have not changed the world and I don’t have the desire to do so either and I certainly don’t know. So how can you learn these things from me. I am as blind as you are my friend and one blind cannot lead the other.

We all understood that Master was testing the young man’s resolve.

Perhaps you are blind, Master, but two blind is better than one.

Master chuckled pleased with his answer and accepted him into his tutelage. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Let them Go

One day an illuminated lady, much sought after and illustrious, visited the Master. She bowed before him and uttered: Master, I am growing old and I am ill. I have worries and pains. The world believes that I am living the finest life. But it isn’t so. Deep within I am ailing. What should I do?

Let them go, my dear sister. Master said kindly.

How can I do that? The lady asked bewildered.

Master smiled and said: when I say, I am ill, I own up the illness, so obviously it won’t let me go since it is mine.

Instead if I say, I am very well, some part of this body is bit out of order; then I am creating a distance between I, my true self, and the illness. Then it is not so difficult to let go. Illness is like a parasite and it cannot live long if the body into which it grows is not conducive or favourable to its growth.

Don’t own the illness and don’t own your worries or pain or miseries. To live we have to grow old, we have to bear the pain and miseries of our deeds and situations and as the body progresses there would be time when it doesn’t function optimally or as designed. There’s nothing we can do to avoid these since these are inevitable and essential as well.

But it is important to remember that these all are momentary and temporary and we must let them go. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Expression of Love

Is it necessary to express my feelings to the one I love? A young man asked the Master.

Not particularly my son, Master spoke with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, especially when you suspect that the subject of your affection would neither acknowledge nor reciprocate your overtures.

But then how would that person know? How would I express my love, my deepest and strongest feeling?

Expression of love is not only by expressing it to the one you love. In fact it’s only one way of expressing. Love is the mightiest force of all, like water, without which there would be no life, no tomorrow, no hope. Don’t keep it stagnant or reserved only for one. Let it flow let it go let it blow. Like the breeze that gives succour to millions, like the sun that warms a cold heart, like the blue endless sky that permeates the soul, like the infinite cosmic melody that keeps playing even after there is no one to listen. Be the love that encompasses all and gathers all into one.

Do not fret if the subject of your love is ignorant of your embrace, there is so much more you can do with it, for the world, for the society, so channelize it into something bigger than one individual. And when you do that, that person will know. Let the person be wherever they have to be. You must move on for love must never be allowed to sit still.

Expression of love needs action that uplifts the downtrodden. Not to be wasted or allowed to become stale just because one individual doesn’t know or reciprocate.