Sunday, March 26, 2017

God's Creation

One day a great sage from another land visited the Master and they had a long discourse about God, theology, ethics and such other esoteric subjects. I sat quietly and hearkened.

Who is your God? The great sage asked
Who is yours?
He is the omnipotent, omniscient, benevolent and omnipresent God.
How do you serve your God? Master asked
I pray to him, I respect him praise him and I never forget him.
And Master replied: my God is his creation, if he is there and he has indeed created, then I prefer to serve his creation since that is the best way to pray, to take care of those that he created. My God is nature: the animals, the trees, this river, the mountains and I serve them and I love them.
But what about your belief, who do you believe in? The sage asked.
I believe in his creation, I believe all that is around me with whom I interact.
Let’s go for a walk my friend, Master said, it’s a beautiful day. He invited the Sage to go with him. I followed from a discrete distance.

The path was beautiful, winding through fragrant flower fields with birds twittering from the trees. What you see around you? Master asked.
I see my God, he is everywhere, he sees everything; I see God in all.

We continued walking for long, the sage was tiring out though Master was chirpy and energetic as ever. He was used to climbing and hard life. So again he asked, ‘now what do you see?’ ‘I feel tired and exhausted and I am hungry,’ the sage replied. ‘I want to sit down beneath that tree with the shade.’ He dropped down under the tree and Master asked, ‘what do you see now my friend.’ ‘I see this tree and it is really nice and I am thankful that it is here. Otherwise I would have died of exhaustion and the sun. Now I wish it also had some fruits I could eat. I am so hungry.’

After some rest we walked on and found a plum tree full of juicy red plums. The sage ate his heart’s fill and Master asked; what do you see now, how do you feel? Oh I see this beautiful plum and I feel so great eating it, it’s so sweet and nourishing and filling.

So you see my friend, I serve his creation through whom he interacts with us, I take care of the tree and this plum tree, the flowers and the river since that is the way I communicate with him. I believe in him because I can see his creation, it is for them that I believe there is a creator, not the other way round.

Then we walked on and soon it became dark and we were in deep forest. We couldn’t see the path anymore and wild hungry animals were growling around. Master and I knew the path well but the sage got scared. Oh we are lost; some animal is surely going to eat us. We should have gone back well before. He started saying.

But my friend, the Master spoke kindly like he was talking to a child, don’t you see and find your God now; in this darkness and moment of despair isn’t he watching you, doesn’t he know that you are in trouble and will he not come to your rescue because you have always worshipped him and sang his praises. Why are you afraid now if you believe in your God?

I can only think of my life and getting back safely, I can’t think of God or in his powers. The sage replied shivering.

You abandon your God and your belief right at the moment when you need it, the test of your belief is not in the good times but in moments of crisis but how can you believe and trust in something that is abstract, which you or no one has ever seen or touched. So my friend I believe in his creation, in nature and in this forest with all its animals. I love them, I take care of them and I believe that now they will take care of us.

Don’t worry my friend, moon will be up shortly and we will get back safely very soon. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love is Belief

One day a beautiful girl visited the Master and asked: how do I know how much he loves me, how do I define how he loves me and how do I understand how he loves me.

Master smiled and asked the girl to ease her worrying mind: my child do you wish to bind your love to limitations, do you wish to define it within the words derived by human and do you wish to understand it with human intellect?

I don’t understand you Master. She replied puzzled.

My girl, Master spoke: love as I understand is of only one kind, that which is boundless and beyond definition and cognisance. When you seek ‘how much’ you are seeking a boundary of scale, which by itself is a limitation no matter how big the scale is. Let love be boundless and beyond compare. Let it be without beginning and end or mass or dimensions, let it be effervescent as well as tangible, let it be all and nothing, let it be boundless timeless eternal and all permeating. When you seek to define, you put words to describe what is indescribable and even indecipherable and there’s no way you or anyone can achieve that. We cannot put into words something that is beyond and above definition. Leave it undefined, leave it open, leave it as a sense as an essence of something that you know and don’t all at the same instant. When you wish to understand you are limiting it again by putting it across the scale of your knowledge and understanding. You wish to understand it within the periphery of your existing knowledge or the knowledge of humanity. Yet how can you do that since it is something that no one understands except the fact that it is the most potent force in the world. We don’t know what love is but we know what it can do. Just like we don’t know what God is, but we know that what God can do. So treat love like we treat God.

Love is a belief and belief cannot be defined, measured or understood. It is what it is and so let it be. 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Master, once a man asked, how can I be like you? I wish to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and to achieve the impossible.

Well my friend, Master smiled; first of all you can never be like me or anyone else for that matter. You will always be like your own self or a copy of someone else. But tell me, do you think I inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and achieve the impossible!

Of course you do. The man exclaimed. Whoever comes at your door, returns full of courage and inspiration to lead a better life, to overcome challenges.  And that’s what I want to do.

Well young man, Master uttered, inspiring someone is not the same as wanting to inspire someone. If your inspiration comes out of the desire to inspire someone then what will you do when there’s no one to inspire!

I didn’t get you... the man now asked.

If you want to be something then be a lighthouse my friend. It shines day and night, with the same intensity and rhythm, not with the purpose of showing the way to a vagrant ship, but to fulfil its own purpose of existence, which is to shine and offer light. It lights up even when there is no one lost or watching, it just does its nature, its purpose for being what and who it is.

But how will I find the lost if I don’t wish to inspire and lead.

My friend, Master replied softly: you be the lighthouse and the lost will find you. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

Love and Happiness

One day a fine young man rushed into the Master’s abode and fell at his feet, crying, as if his entire world has collapsed; and indeed it had, if I was to believe the young man.

Master, my life is over, there’s nothing left for me. All my happiness is gone. What should I do? The youth asked.
You look fine to me, Master muttered, but tell me why you feel otherwise...
The love of my life, the girl I love, has left me for another. I will never be happy again.
Did you always know this girl, right from the day you were born?
No, I met her two years ago, when I was twenty.

Were you happy before you met her, up to your twenty years of life? Master quizzed.
Yes, I think I was. But not anymore.
Then why don’t you go back to the life you had before you met her. You only need to travel two years back in time to find the happiness that you knew before having this girl in your life.

But how can I do that? The youth was completely bewildered. She taught me happiness, she showed me happiness, and she is my happiness.

She was never your happiness. No one can be your happiness. Imagine yourself sitting inside a dark room with all windows shut while you are seeking the sun or happiness if you care to call it. And then one day someone comes into the room, finds you in the darkness, and then opens the window. The light floods in, the sun shines and you find your happiness, the sunshine. Now the person who opened the window is not happiness, she only opened the window to show you where happiness is. And you fell in love with her, which is excellent for we all need someone from time to time to open our windows, but you falsely believed that she is ‘happiness’ too.

Do not despair my friend, happiness is exactly where it always was, is and will be; that is deep within you. You were happy before you met this girl and you will be happy even after she has left because now your windows are open and you know that sun shines outside in the sky. But if the window has got shut again and you don’t know how to open it then wait patiently in the dark room, for someone soon will come along to open the window again.

And next time, when you fall in love with another person who will open the window for you falsely believing that she is happiness, please do ask her to teach you how to open the window or better how to keep it open even after she is gone. Let love show you the light and happiness but don’t be dependent upon it, for love is the way not the destination.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Look where the light is

One day a man came to meet the Master, who was busy sweeping the ground outside his tiny mountain hut. What are you doing, Master? The man asked. Nothing, Master replied.

But you are doing something I can see. The man insisted
I am not doing anything but if you insist then I am looking for something. Master said.

What are you looking for? The man now asked bewildered.
Absolutely nothing. Master replied.

But you just said that you are looking for something!
Well, I am not really looking for anything but if you insist then I am looking for my pen.

Where did you lose your pen? The man continued his query.
I didn’t lose my pen anywhere. Master said.

But you just now said that you are looking for your pen! The man countered, now totally baffled.
Well my friend I didn’t lose my pen anywhere but if you insist then I lost my pen inside my hut.

Then why on earth are you looking for the lost pen outside here? You should look for it inside. The man was sure that the Master has finally lost his mind.

Master finally stopped sweeping and looked up: because light is here outside my friend while inside it is dark and I don’t see well. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How deep is the Ocean

 One day a beautiful girl visited the Master and asked: I love this young man so, but I don’t know how deep his love is and I am scared.

The Master smiled: my child if you wish to know the depth of the ocean you must have the courage to dive in and find out for yourself for even the ocean does not know how deep it is. Do not ask the ocean how deep it is, he will not know. Sitting in the safety of the shore you will never know how deep your ocean is. So go ahead and jump in.

But I am scared, she mumbled.

Of what! Of drowning or of finding out that it is not as deep as you wish it to be or much deeper than you can ever fathom? Master plodded.

I don’t know, I am just scared. And Master said: A heart full of fear will never live, my child, a heart afraid of hurting will never love, a heart treading cautiously will never know the tempest that can rage within its soul.

Only when you are open to being rejected will you be accepted, only when you lay yourself bare to sadness that happiness will embrace you and only when you are willing to drown will you find the depth of the ocean. 

Perfect Love

‘Why don’t perfect love stories have a perfect ending?’ One day a young man in despair asked the Master.
‘What is a perfect love story?’ Master asked smiling.
‘In which the lovers are always in love with each other with the same intensity, equal passion and nothing ever goes wrong, they never fight and there are no tears at all, no sadness, no sorrow, no downs, only happiness and joy and love,’ the young man rattled breathless. Obviously he was suffering from some great agitation.

‘My young friend, the way you describe perfection in love, that way such perfect love stories will never have a perfect end because if such a love story existed then it would never end. Perfection is everlasting, unchanging, timeless and forever. But such a phenomenon does not exist in our universe. Only in our wishful dreams. But do not despair, we can find other kind of perfection, the imperfect one, the one full of flaws, ups and downs, sadness and joy, tears and smiles, the perfection of nature; the natural perfect love story and we can learn that from the seasons.’

‘But I have lost faith,’ the young man interjected. He had lost hope.

‘Only those who believe that the sun will never rise once it sets in the evening, lose faith and hope. But no matter how long or how dark the night may be the sun always rises. And look at nature, the perfect love story around us. The seasons come and go, in spring the flowers bloom and we all are happy, in the summer the fruits ripen and we cherish them and we are all happy again, in autumn it is time to bid goodbye to all that we hold dear and to let go, the trees shed their leaves, the flowers melt into the ground, all green and joyful turns brown, red and ochre but it is so colourful so mysterious because in autumn we see the change and rebirth and then in the winter comes the cold and the snow, when we shiver and pray for some warmth, when the cold winds rattle our bones and homes, but we find in this joy too since it is necessary for the snow to fall and seep into the ground making it ready for the spring. And deep within each of these seasons happiness, like the seeds, lie deep within for us to find or hope for and patiently wait to sprout again. For it will come again. And what do you think the sun, our eternal sun, is doing all this while!

‘Whether you look up into the sky to curse the heat from its core or to pray for warmth that sun offers selflessly, all through the year, each morning, no matter at what time, it always rises, though from different positions, from different angles, with different hues, it rises for sure, to keep us alive, to light our world with love and hope and faith. For us to believe in the recycle of life and love. That is a perfect love story my friend and it never ends forever but it ends intermittently since our expectations are too perfect and ideal for nature to offer. If you learn from the seasons and from the sun, you will never lose faith.

‘Love is perfection the way it is offered, what makes it imperfect is the way it is received and then perceived and then treated. Don’t question why, how, what, when or how much; just accept it the way it is offered including all the changes that it will entail in days to come. The sun will always rise, may not be exactly from where you want it to or at the time you desire, but it will.’