Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meaning of Life

One day as I approached the hermitage of a great master, upon a distant hill, I came across the carcass of a beautiful musk deer. I felt a bit saddened at the sight, such a lovely creature now dead, which would never gallop again.

With this thought, when I met the master, I asked: what is the meaning of life?

Whatever you make of it. He replied. There is no objective or intrinsic meaning to life. Nothing in the grand order of nature and cosmos would alter or affect if you or I weren’t born or no human ever lived. Our lives are not important to anyone besides ourselves so we got to give it a meaning and find a purpose for our lives. The life that you live can only be justified by you and when it ends, as it would surely do, it is again you who has to decide if it was worthy of living and if you would wish to live again.

Is life worthless then? I insisted. If it has no meaning to anyone besides the one living it!

I have no idea why we are born, any one of us, or even why life as we know it should exist; but once we are born; which is completely out of our control, we must make it worthy of living since we have to live it and in doing so help others live too. Meaning of life is in the ‘living’; if we don’t truly live only then life is worthless. Therefore life is truly wonderful because you have the power to make it into whatever you want and to find the meaning that you want to. 

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Master, one day I asked, we have never seen you sad or worried, you are always full of hope and happiness, what is the secret of your hope that life would always turn out to be good?

And the Master said –

Once I met a happy man without arms. He said: when the world raises its arms, I raise my soul

Once I met a happy man without legs. He said: when the world steps up to climb, I step upon my sorrow

Once I met a happy man without eyes. He said: when the world opens its eye to see, I open my heart to believe

Once I met a happy man without friends. He said: when the world rejoice with friends, I rejoice with God

Once I met a happy man without home. He said: when the world seeks a home, I seek the earth

Once I met a happy man without food. He said: when the world eats, I breathe

Once I met a happy man without wealth. He said: when the world spends, I smile

Once I met a happy man without love. He said: when the world seeks love, I seek the ones the world has forgotten to love

Once I met a happy man without life (he was about to die). He said: when the world lives, I prepare to be alive

And one day I met a man who had everything yet he was miserable and distraught. He said: I have everything yet I am afraid and fearful since I am afraid of losing what I have, and I cannot get what I don’t have. I wish I had hope and faith and belief, but I lost them on the way to wealth. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Love Dilemma

Master, as you say that Love is the most powerful energy, then why there's so much pain and misery that comes with it? I asked one day. 

The pain comes from trying to quantify, justify and verify, followed by vilify when nothing else works to human desires. To this mishmash sprinkle the elements of doubt, possession, control, attachment and dependency and we have the perfect cocktail of misery and sorrow from the very source that should ideally be our greatest source of happiness, joy and well-being.

The moment we feel love and loved for one person, we start possessing that person, imagining that he or she soley belongs to us only for us, then we try to quantify that how much do we love each other, do we love the most or more than we love anyone else; after that comes the justification or the reason that we want to know as to why do I love that person and vice versa. 

Then you want to verify this love for each other every now and then since seeing the Sun every morning and isn't enough, the sun has to come screaming out loud every day to tell us that it exists and shines in the sky and will be there all our life. At this point we should let it be and lay off trying to prove or describe or hold on to Love. But if it doesn't happen then we say negative things about the very person who, a while ago, was our everything, our all-permeating source of life. 

Love is love and just let it be. Love your loved ones like you love the Sun or the mountains or the oceans. A silly diamond ring doesn't prove that you love someone or that someone loves you, it only proves that he has enough money and is stupid enough to spend it on something as fickle and shallow like a diamond ring. Love is something that is beyond us to understand but it is there as it always has been. Like being creatures of three dimension it is impossible for us to understand 4 or 5 dimensions. 

If only we enjoyed the journey then all will be well. Like taking a cruise across the oceans in a luxury liner. You don't want to understand or explain or even discover by diving in, how deep the ocean is or what all creatures reside in it, or how your ship is being run and who is running it. Neither do you want to control the ocean waves or the course of the ship. You don't want to change the elements since you know that you just cannot. Though you love the ride you don't get attached since you know that it is going to end one day and you don't become dependent upon the ship or the captain and crew even though your very life depends upon these people, most of whom you won't even see or know that they exist. Yet the voyage will have its ups and downs, stormy nights and placid days, not every day would be full of excitement nor all your co-passengers would smile at you. Yet you enjoy the voyage and love the experience. 

Let love be that journey across your oceans and dreams. Go with the flow, wherever it may take you and enjoy the ride. And of course if it becomes too much, there's always the lifeboat or raft that you can escape in.  

What is Love

What is Love? Once a woman asked the Master.

It is a force, a boundless source of energy like any other. But when applied to human it can be the most powerful source of that energy, which can move mountains as well as destroy them too. By itself it is neither bad nor good. Depends upon how you channelize it, how you apply it and what happens thereafter. It is actually nothing and at the same time can be everything. 

The water we drink to sustain life can also drown us to death, the fire we burn for cooking food and warmth has the power to destroy us too; similarly love. It has the potential and the promise for all good and also all evil. By itself, it is nothing, just an idea or a phenomenon and a bundle of energy without any application. 

So what is Love? The woman asked again. I think she was puzzled. 

It is an essence that if we try to explain or understand causes it to disappear since the very effect of looking blows it away. But we can observe its effect, its duality and dichotomy reflected through objects and people around us. Just like air and breeze. We breath it every moment yet we cannot see it, cannot hold or imprison it, but we can feel its effect when it blows into a breeze and in the dancing of the flowers or tree leaves, or its carefree rush on our face or in our uplifted gaze at our beloved.

We are all submerged and immersed into this vast endless infinite ocean of love, to understand what it is isn't in our capacity, but to see its effect and to rejoice in its warm embrace is the only thing that we can do. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life After Death

Is there life after death? I asked
Is there life before death? Master retorted. Don’t worry if you will live after death but ask if you lived before death. 

Length of Life

How long should life ideally be? I asked one day
Master broke into a guffaw before replying, who gave you such an idea that there could be an ideal life span? He seemed highly amused.
It’s that people sometime say that the person died too young, or before living fully, or that someone died too old, so I am puzzled.
Life is life just like its span; nothing is too long or short, early or late. Just like a glass of water. The water will either finish quickly or last long depending upon how quickly or slowly you drink, yet the volume of water in both cases remain the same. You can’t really say that the water finished too soon or too late.

So is life, if you lived it fully, enjoying and making each moment count then even a short life is complete and if you didn’t then even a long life is inadequate. Life should not be measured in years but how you lived the years. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Master, a woman asked, why do we cry when someone dear dies?
For our own loss; not for the deceased or death. Master replied. Perhaps you lost your sources of income and sustenance, or your status, or your safety and security, or your support, your emotional balance, etc. While the one that died has no such feeling of loss or suffering.
Shouldn’t we be sad or suffer the loss of our loved ones? She asked again.
Not necessarily though you could, after all it’s your life and choice; you may bereave if you wish to and find it easy to cope up with your loss. You have to think what did you really lose when someone dies and what had you gained while that person was alive. Everything eventually are memories; the one who lived and is now dead. All that you had loved about the deceased or did with him or her or whatever made it all so lovely are nothing but memories even when the person was alive, and now that the person is dead all those memories are still nothing but memories. Only difference is that now you know that the memories would never be re-enacted in this life anymore so you grieve about the unforeseen future while you let go off all the memories that you two had created and lived. Every day each moment we create memories, some bad, some good, some happy, some sad, some funny some not so funny, some amuse us, some make us cry; yet to live you must keep creating memories and it is actually up to us to make the memories the way we want to remember and be remembered.

Death is nothing my friends, it is only another side of life. Both are good, both are necessary, both are temporary, both are memories. We love life since it is limited and we fear death since it is inevitable and something that we think will end it all. Now nothing that doesn’t end can ever begin. Be calm and happy and grateful in life as grateful and calm and happy in death. As while the person lived and now while dead, the memories are still with you, within you, around you, for you, as long as you want. Death is only an end to physicality but in living too the physicality is impermanent. We rely too much on our visual and touching senses and little on our subliminal ones. No one actually dies, they continue to live as long as we cherish and nurture the memories, just like in living. 

Act of Goodness

People often asked the Master, how he became the Master as we knew him; but he never revealed anything about his past. But one day he agreed to tell us a story from his younger days, when he was looking for the path.

I was a restless young man, Master started, wandering through the world, wondering about things not necessary to wonder. I was Shaolin Kung fu champion and full of self confidence and pride, yet to learn humility and righteousness that my Masters preached.

One day in a far away land, a man wielding knife cornered me in a dark night. He looked rough and big and strong and the knife in his hand wicked. Yet to me he was like a child, playing with a toy. I could disarm him and kill him and at least five more like him in less than a minute. Give me all your money, the man cried spitting venom. I smiled and looked at him with pity and humour.

Give me all your money or I will kill you. He cried again. I found the entire situation comical and was undecided what I should do, when suddenly the true teaching of Shaolin came to my rescue.

Put that knife away my friend, I said, you don’t have to threaten me. You could get really hurt with that thing. Instead tell me how much money you really need.

Don’t waste my time, give me all your money, or I will strike you. The man said.

Do you believe in god? Any god! I asked.

The man suddenly stopped, realising that I wasn’t really afraid of him and he might have noticed my outlandish dress and shaven head. He stammered and stuttered, he lowered the knife a little, I don’t know who you are but yes I do believe in Christ. I am Catholic.

Then let me help you out my friend, I  said to him, tell me how much money you need and I will give you, so you don’t have to rob me therefore you will be saved from committing a sin and by giving you money I will gain some good from my god. Both of us will benefit from this transaction. Don’t you think so!

I emptied my pocket save a little that I needed to eat something for the night and handed over the rest to the man who was now crying and shivering. I hugged him and blessed him and wished him to heal. 

Love is Love

Master, a young man asked once, how can I win a girl’s heart whom I love so much that I am willing to die for her love; yet she doesn’t understand me.

I will tell you a story. Master said. We all gathered around the fire since it was a cold evening upon the mountain.

In a time when men ruled more by power than prudence there lived a fierce warrior princess, her beauty like fire and courage like the sun. Men desired her yet no one could match to be her equal. One day a valiant prince from the mountains came to her door, defeating every challenger on his way. He walked up to the throne of the princess and said: I am here to win your heart, princess.
He was full of ego and confident of his prowess.
Are you ready to lose yours? Princess asked smiling.
Yes of course my fair lady.
Is it my love you want or heart? Willy princess said.
Love; prince replied now becoming more confident of his victory.
Then you are on the wrong path Prince, the princess said, for love is neither a conquest nor a defeat, nor a victory neither a submission. You don’t need to lose anything to gain love. Neither do you need to win anything if love decides to abandon. It is not about winning or losing, it is all about sharing and becoming a bigger repository of love.
The prince, though egoistic was willing to learn. He understood he won’t get the princess this way, so he said: then what should I do to share our hearts and love?
Go and find your heart and love, the one that is self-fulfilled and self-satisfactory and needs nothing more to exist and nourish. Then return to me and we will become one.

Master paused to drink some water. The young man, now restless, asked: did they become one?

They were always one my friend; Master replied, for the princess was the Moon and the prince was her silver radiance. Your true love already resides within and that is self-love, the day you find and cherish that, so will the girl you wish to be one with. Love would not accept you till you are ready to love for the sake of love and nothing more. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Friendly Thieves

One day as I was accompanying the Master for his morning walk, one of his disciples came running out of breath. He looked highly agitated and distressed.

Master, please help me, I have been robbed. Thieves entered my house last night, while I had gone to visit my wife’s family: the man cried in deep anguish.

Master smiled and said: but my dear man, the thieves have done wonderful service to you. They got rid of the things that you don’t really need and you will never throw out either. Perhaps they need it more than you do. So now that you have been robbed, you can sleep in peace and leave your house at ease.

But Master; the man stuttered, they have taken all my expensive possessions and now I have nothing!

You are mistaken; Master said, now you have freedom and ease of mind and no fear of losing anything anymore. These thieves have done a great favor to you like friends. You should thank them and from now on live simply without fear and free of all worries.

I am not sure if the man understood the Master, but he bowed with reverence and left the temple. Then I turned to the Master and asked: how can the thieves be our friend?

Only a friend takes away what you don’t need without being asked. And give you the greatest gift of life in return for free. You may not thank a friend who brings you a materialistic gift that adds to your household space since it essentially complicates your life, but you must always thank the one who takes away something from your household. When you empty your life of materialism, you fill up the space with spiritual goodness. And a person who helps you do that is certainly your friend, including a thief who burgles your house. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

What is Happiness

What is happiness? I asked one day.
It is an attitude and a choice and a way of living. It is already within us embedded deep.

Then why do we attach happiness to external things like a car, or a house, or meeting someone or falling in love or going on a vacation, getting a job, winning a game, etc?

These external stimuli are only keys to unlock the happiness within us. Let’s imagine that your body is a jar of cookies, the container, and the cookies, which is your happiness, are inside but you can't unlock or open the jar without an aid and these things like money new possessions an occasion (marriage, birthday, anniversaries) or meeting someone, falling in love etc acts as that aid to unlock or uncap the jar so now you can reach inside and get your cookies or happiness if you call it.

But if your jar is empty and there are no cookies inside then no matter how many times you open the jar you won’t find any cookies or happiness. So first create the cookies within and then look for the aids to open the jar.

What happens after I consume all the cookies inside the jar? I asked playfully. I wasn’t going to let the old man go easily.

He gently ruffled my hair; for he knew I was jesting, and said, ‘No matter how high you climb, would you ever become a bird?’ 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ignorance is knowledge

Isn’t knowledge necessary to achieve something? One day I asked the Master. Not always, sometimes you can only achieve what you don’t know. Ignorance is the key to success. Come on! I retorted, how can that be?
Let me tell you a story – Master began:

There was a village far away in a distant land that had a big steep mountain right on the outskirts that legends claimed was impossible to climb. The villagers, simple and believing, as they were, accepted this knowledge that the mountain was impossible to climb and no one ever climbed it or even tried to. And in order to warn of the impossibility to any outsiders who didn’t know the legend, they had put up a big sign board right on the path that led to the bottom of the mountain, ‘This Mountain is impossible to climb’.

One day a little boy came along and his curious eyes were drawn to the summit of the mountain. He didn’t go to the village; he just walked past the signboard and climbed the mountain to the top. And someone from the village saw this boy on the summit of the mountain, dancing and howling with joy, since he saw things that on one had ever seen before. In no time the entire village had gathered by the signboard, talking about this boy who had climbed to the top and wondered how it could be possible.

When the boy came down and reached the gathering of the bewildered villagers, the village elder, and an erudite white bearded man, asked: young man who are you? How did you climb our mountain? Didn’t you know it is impossible to climb it?
‘Really,’ the young boy said bowing with respect, ‘then please forgive me, for I didn’t know that it was impossible to climb your mountain.’
‘Didn’t you see this sign, which clearly states that it is impossible to climb this mountain?’ The village elder pointed at the signboard.
‘I saw it but I didn’t know what it said, I am sorry but I can’t read so I presumed it said something to welcome visitors and to urge them to enjoy the climb.’
‘But how could you climb without knowledge?’
‘Ignorance is boundless,’ the boy replied, ‘while knowledge limits us to what is acceptable and already known. If you always seek knowledge how will you ever learn what no one else knows!’

Always climb a mountain that is impossible to climb; Master patted my back. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Crossing the River

Once I visited a master who lived by a beautiful river, just where it emerged from the mountains and merged with the vast plains of India, it widened and became deeper and gentler. There was no bridge across this river so people took boats that ferried day and night the devotees from one side to the other. I was intrigued by this master since he never really preached anything, neither did he teach, all he did all day was laugh and smile and tell jokes. I liked him instantly as I too love to laugh and smile and tell jokes. I liked his abode as it was among the forests full of mischievous monkeys and colourful birds and I stayed with him for a week before I left for the high Himalaya. During my stay a wise man from far, full of knowledge and pride came to the master to proclaim his wisdom and veracity.

Master greeted the wise visitor and offered him something to eat and cracked jokes. The wise man ate his fill and then sat by the master who was surrounded by hundreds of local villagers and other visitors. He asked the master; you only tell jokes and stories, but do you have any real powers? Can you show us any miracle? To which the master replied: no my friend, I have no powers neither can I show any miracle. But I can tell you a joke and make you laugh, which is pretty much the same thing.

The wise man said: I meditated and practiced, abstaining my body from any human comforts for 30 years and now I can perform the miracle of walking on water.
The onlookers gasped in wonder and I too looked at this man with renewed interest. But the master looked on as always with a benign smile. ‘You don’t seem to be impressed,’ the man said, ‘do you want to see me cross the river?’

No my friend, I believe you that you can indeed walk on water but I am amused that to perform something so commonplace, which a poor ignorant boat man could have done for you for very little money, you wasted 30 years of your precious life in penance and abstinence. At the end of which you can only perform the miracle of walking on water just for your own self. Whereas the ignorant poor boatman not only can cross the river in his boat but he helps thousands cross the river too. I think you would be better off being a boatman.

The wise man stared at the master for long and then quietly got up and walked away. Now he is a boatman and helps thousands cross the river.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Struggle of Life

Why is life such a struggle? I asked
It isn't fundamentally. It's how we choose to live that makes it so. It's only a process.
Breathing air is not a struggle but if you dive deep inside the ocean then it will be and for that you can't blame the air
Is your life not a struggle?
I like to carry a lamp in the dark

Even I like that but what if the breeze extinguishes the lamp
What happened to the lamp within that no breeze can touch?

Lessons for the Old

‘What are the three most important lessons for the old?’
‘To let go of even what is his, to find happiness in his years, and to simply die.’
‘He will die anyway, why is that a lesson? Old can be better off by learning another lesson, isn’t it?’
‘It is often the most natural that is most difficult to accomplish.

‘Can a tiger in the wild ever eat grass even if it is starving to death?’ Master patted my back and walked away

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy Attitude

I do understand what happiness is but how do we achieve this attitude? Not all of us can follow abstract ideas like you. Tell me a method that one can practice to be happy

You want the easy one or the difficult one?

Easy one obviously...

From this moment on stop complaining and start thanking all the things that you have been complaining about

That's easier said than done

Does the world cease to exist if you shut your eyes?

Friday, August 14, 2015

Lessons for Adulthood

‘What are the three most important lessons for an adult?’

‘To grow what he needs, to learn from his deeds, and to share what is his.’

‘Is that all? He can continue with his childhood lessons too.’ I insisted

‘Of course he can but can a leaf that fell from the tree rejoin the branch anew from where it had fallen!’ Master shut his eyes and started chanting 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Preparation for Love

Is there anything I can do to make someone love me? 

No more than you can do to make the stars shine.

Then what's the use of all the meditation and austerity you prescribe? 

So you can discover love within yourself and recognize in another when it shines for you.
Can you learn to swim without getting wet?  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Three Masters

Once I was climbing a mountain and as I passed through the forest and streams, I came upon a beautiful purple flower with crimson stamen. I had never seen such a flower before and its perfect symmetry, flawless colours and fragrance made me pause. Why are you so beautiful little flower and so fragrant so captivating? I asked. I don’t know my friend, the flower replied, perhaps it is my nature to be so. What good is your beauty when there is no one to see you and appreciate or praise you? I asked. I don’t know my friend, the flower replied, perhaps it is not necessary to be seen or appreciated or praised to be your true nature. But you have seen and appreciated and praised me now so I am grateful my friend. Thank you for coming along, and I am sure you will carry me within your heart for the rest of your journey. I bowed to the flower as my first master and continued climbing.

Soon I found a magnificent lake, overflowing with the clearest spring water, gurgling and dancing without restrain. I drank from it and quenched my thirst. Why are you so majestic and soul sustaining? I asked the lake. I don’t know my friend, the lake replied, perhaps it is my nature to be so. But what purpose you serve when those you serve never knows you exist? I asked. I don’t know my friend, lake replied, perhaps serving one’s own true purpose is independent of recognition or appreciation. But you came along and drank my water and you recognized my nature and appreciated so I am grateful to you and I am sure you will carry me within your heart for the rest of your journey. I bowed to the lake as my second master and continued to climb.

I finally reached the top of the mountain caked in ice with the chilling wind cutting through my bones. I paid homage to my ultimate Master, the mountain. We were old friends and we had met before upon countless summits strewn around the globe. My restless mind was calm even though my heart galloped like a wild steed and I felt no more desire to seek or ask. My true nature was to climb and the purpose needed no explanation or affirmation. I didn’t care if no one knew I was here or never returned. I was exactly where I should be doing exactly what my nature dictates and for the purpose that I was born. There was no more need to explain, understand or affirm. All I needed to be was just be. I bowed to my third master and went down. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lessons for Childhood

‘What are the three most important lessons for a child?’ I asked next morning

‘To inquire without purpose, to play without pretence, and to grow without worry.’ Master replied.

‘Is there nothing more important for a child?’ I retorted

‘Even if there is, only a child is capable of being without purpose, pretence and worry.’

‘Oh come on, even an adult can be without purpose, pretence and worry.’ I wasn’t going to give up.

‘Of what purpose is fire without heat?’ Master went on cleaning the garden 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Stages of Learning

‘What are the three most important lessons for human?’ I asked one day

‘First you must segregate human into stages: child, adult, old, for all cannot and need not learn all the lessons; though some can, but most cannot.’ Master replied

‘Why should we segregate? Aren’t your lessons universal meant for everyone?’ I persisted.

‘They are universal but not at the same time. A lesson delivered before time is of no use. If one is blind and you show the colour red, it has no meaning, first you must restore the sight and then show colour. So with lessons; the mind has to be ready first and the body capable of application what one has learnt; only then the lesson has any meaning.’

‘So you mean our learning is complete only when we grow old and not before? What if we don’t live till old and die young?’

‘It doesn’t matter when you die or till what age you live; lesson learnt is complete by itself when you learn and apply it. If one dies as a child and has learnt the lessons of childhood then she is a wise child and so is an adult or an old.’

‘But aren’t the old wiser if one has lived through the learning of childhood and adulthood?’

‘If you are hungry at night can you satiate hunger with what you ate at breakfast and lunch?’ Master replied and walked away to light the evening lamp


‘How can we teach compassion to all?’ I asked

‘You can teach to all but only those who have experienced the other side of compassion would be ready to accept the learning, and teaching those who haven’t is not teaching... merely delivering without acceptance.’ Master replied, ‘Just like renunciation cannot be taught to one who has nothing to give up; only those who have something to let go can accept and learn renunciation.

‘Learning comes from acceptance followed by application of what we have not experienced and for that to happen one must experience the opposite.’ Master smiled at the rising sun, his face aglow in the orange hue. ‘How will you accept the beauty of the day if you have never experienced darkness?’

I remained silent, though my mind struggled with questions. 

Mountain Zen

Once upon a time, long time ago... I was indeed a little boy (which I still am), a little lost boy with million questions (I have many more) walking through the mountains around the globe with utmost wonder writ on my face. I had the questions or rather the quest for the unknown; though I did not even know what I did not know. The quest was and still is for the quest. While the mountains taught me where to look they left it to me to seek what I wanted to find. What I saw did not always satisfy my desire to seek heightening it further in most cases. What did I seek; simply the unknown, anything that I found upon my path became a quest even if it wasn’t so when I began my journey.

It is said that the road builds by itself when you begin to walk, so walking is important not the road. The path emerges out of the journey and not vice versa. I started my journey when I had barely learnt to walk upon the vertical arena that would become my true home. Teeming and tingling with an open mind willing and seeking to embrace all I walked high and low through far flung mountains and deep dark jungles and upon my path chanced upon wise people, my gurus and my Master. They found me worthy of their indulgence perhaps since each of them adapted me unconditionally. I was anyway ready to do literally anything to learn. And from them and from my Master I learned my Zen or my way of life and living.

For long have I kept these stories, the way these masters taught me, embedded within my mind or in some obscure chit of paper, sharing few once in a while with my audience around the globe. Like Zen life too is simple and that is the way I was taught and that is the way this blog would be, simple without any distractions or deviations. I would relate the stories as closely as I recall as it happened. The only liberty I have taken, for which I hope my Master would pardon me, is that each of my stories will end with a question from the Master. I like it that way. A story, any story, especially if it is about life and living cannot be an entity within itself. It can only be a continuation of a chain of thoughts, growing from one and leading into another so the reader will continue to ponder and meander even after it has ended.

A story ending with a quest is a story without an end. It doesn’t necessarily have one correct answer and some may not even have an answer. It is up to each one of us to find our own answers and to find our next question within that answer. As one of my gurus had told me: a question is an answer in disguise. Question is important answer is obvious.

All my masters and gurus and wise teachers are finally rolled into the One, the Master hence I won’t differentiate between any. They all are one and the one is many. But above all, reigning supreme far into the azure stands and will always stand the ultimate Master – the Mountains. It is from them that I learned my Zen and it is to them that I dedicate these meanderings.

Let us now begin our journey and create our own road towards the questions. Let us continue with our conversation through the mountains. I was, I am and I will always be the novice...

I will see you all on top!