Friday, July 24, 2015

Stages of Learning

‘What are the three most important lessons for human?’ I asked one day

‘First you must segregate human into stages: child, adult, old, for all cannot and need not learn all the lessons; though some can, but most cannot.’ Master replied

‘Why should we segregate? Aren’t your lessons universal meant for everyone?’ I persisted.

‘They are universal but not at the same time. A lesson delivered before time is of no use. If one is blind and you show the colour red, it has no meaning, first you must restore the sight and then show colour. So with lessons; the mind has to be ready first and the body capable of application what one has learnt; only then the lesson has any meaning.’

‘So you mean our learning is complete only when we grow old and not before? What if we don’t live till old and die young?’

‘It doesn’t matter when you die or till what age you live; lesson learnt is complete by itself when you learn and apply it. If one dies as a child and has learnt the lessons of childhood then she is a wise child and so is an adult or an old.’

‘But aren’t the old wiser if one has lived through the learning of childhood and adulthood?’

‘If you are hungry at night can you satiate hunger with what you ate at breakfast and lunch?’ Master replied and walked away to light the evening lamp

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