Saturday, October 24, 2015

Act of Goodness

People often asked the Master, how he became the Master as we knew him; but he never revealed anything about his past. But one day he agreed to tell us a story from his younger days, when he was looking for the path.

I was a restless young man, Master started, wandering through the world, wondering about things not necessary to wonder. I was Shaolin Kung fu champion and full of self confidence and pride, yet to learn humility and righteousness that my Masters preached.

One day in a far away land, a man wielding knife cornered me in a dark night. He looked rough and big and strong and the knife in his hand wicked. Yet to me he was like a child, playing with a toy. I could disarm him and kill him and at least five more like him in less than a minute. Give me all your money, the man cried spitting venom. I smiled and looked at him with pity and humour.

Give me all your money or I will kill you. He cried again. I found the entire situation comical and was undecided what I should do, when suddenly the true teaching of Shaolin came to my rescue.

Put that knife away my friend, I said, you don’t have to threaten me. You could get really hurt with that thing. Instead tell me how much money you really need.

Don’t waste my time, give me all your money, or I will strike you. The man said.

Do you believe in god? Any god! I asked.

The man suddenly stopped, realising that I wasn’t really afraid of him and he might have noticed my outlandish dress and shaven head. He stammered and stuttered, he lowered the knife a little, I don’t know who you are but yes I do believe in Christ. I am Catholic.

Then let me help you out my friend, I  said to him, tell me how much money you need and I will give you, so you don’t have to rob me therefore you will be saved from committing a sin and by giving you money I will gain some good from my god. Both of us will benefit from this transaction. Don’t you think so!

I emptied my pocket save a little that I needed to eat something for the night and handed over the rest to the man who was now crying and shivering. I hugged him and blessed him and wished him to heal. 

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