Thursday, October 22, 2015

Friendly Thieves

One day as I was accompanying the Master for his morning walk, one of his disciples came running out of breath. He looked highly agitated and distressed.

Master, please help me, I have been robbed. Thieves entered my house last night, while I had gone to visit my wife’s family: the man cried in deep anguish.

Master smiled and said: but my dear man, the thieves have done wonderful service to you. They got rid of the things that you don’t really need and you will never throw out either. Perhaps they need it more than you do. So now that you have been robbed, you can sleep in peace and leave your house at ease.

But Master; the man stuttered, they have taken all my expensive possessions and now I have nothing!

You are mistaken; Master said, now you have freedom and ease of mind and no fear of losing anything anymore. These thieves have done a great favor to you like friends. You should thank them and from now on live simply without fear and free of all worries.

I am not sure if the man understood the Master, but he bowed with reverence and left the temple. Then I turned to the Master and asked: how can the thieves be our friend?

Only a friend takes away what you don’t need without being asked. And give you the greatest gift of life in return for free. You may not thank a friend who brings you a materialistic gift that adds to your household space since it essentially complicates your life, but you must always thank the one who takes away something from your household. When you empty your life of materialism, you fill up the space with spiritual goodness. And a person who helps you do that is certainly your friend, including a thief who burgles your house. 

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