Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ignorance is knowledge

Isn’t knowledge necessary to achieve something? One day I asked the Master. Not always, sometimes you can only achieve what you don’t know. Ignorance is the key to success. Come on! I retorted, how can that be?
Let me tell you a story – Master began:

There was a village far away in a distant land that had a big steep mountain right on the outskirts that legends claimed was impossible to climb. The villagers, simple and believing, as they were, accepted this knowledge that the mountain was impossible to climb and no one ever climbed it or even tried to. And in order to warn of the impossibility to any outsiders who didn’t know the legend, they had put up a big sign board right on the path that led to the bottom of the mountain, ‘This Mountain is impossible to climb’.

One day a little boy came along and his curious eyes were drawn to the summit of the mountain. He didn’t go to the village; he just walked past the signboard and climbed the mountain to the top. And someone from the village saw this boy on the summit of the mountain, dancing and howling with joy, since he saw things that on one had ever seen before. In no time the entire village had gathered by the signboard, talking about this boy who had climbed to the top and wondered how it could be possible.

When the boy came down and reached the gathering of the bewildered villagers, the village elder, and an erudite white bearded man, asked: young man who are you? How did you climb our mountain? Didn’t you know it is impossible to climb it?
‘Really,’ the young boy said bowing with respect, ‘then please forgive me, for I didn’t know that it was impossible to climb your mountain.’
‘Didn’t you see this sign, which clearly states that it is impossible to climb this mountain?’ The village elder pointed at the signboard.
‘I saw it but I didn’t know what it said, I am sorry but I can’t read so I presumed it said something to welcome visitors and to urge them to enjoy the climb.’
‘But how could you climb without knowledge?’
‘Ignorance is boundless,’ the boy replied, ‘while knowledge limits us to what is acceptable and already known. If you always seek knowledge how will you ever learn what no one else knows!’

Always climb a mountain that is impossible to climb; Master patted my back. 

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