Saturday, October 24, 2015

Love is Love

Master, a young man asked once, how can I win a girl’s heart whom I love so much that I am willing to die for her love; yet she doesn’t understand me.

I will tell you a story. Master said. We all gathered around the fire since it was a cold evening upon the mountain.

In a time when men ruled more by power than prudence there lived a fierce warrior princess, her beauty like fire and courage like the sun. Men desired her yet no one could match to be her equal. One day a valiant prince from the mountains came to her door, defeating every challenger on his way. He walked up to the throne of the princess and said: I am here to win your heart, princess.
He was full of ego and confident of his prowess.
Are you ready to lose yours? Princess asked smiling.
Yes of course my fair lady.
Is it my love you want or heart? Willy princess said.
Love; prince replied now becoming more confident of his victory.
Then you are on the wrong path Prince, the princess said, for love is neither a conquest nor a defeat, nor a victory neither a submission. You don’t need to lose anything to gain love. Neither do you need to win anything if love decides to abandon. It is not about winning or losing, it is all about sharing and becoming a bigger repository of love.
The prince, though egoistic was willing to learn. He understood he won’t get the princess this way, so he said: then what should I do to share our hearts and love?
Go and find your heart and love, the one that is self-fulfilled and self-satisfactory and needs nothing more to exist and nourish. Then return to me and we will become one.

Master paused to drink some water. The young man, now restless, asked: did they become one?

They were always one my friend; Master replied, for the princess was the Moon and the prince was her silver radiance. Your true love already resides within and that is self-love, the day you find and cherish that, so will the girl you wish to be one with. Love would not accept you till you are ready to love for the sake of love and nothing more. 

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