Saturday, October 24, 2015


Master, a woman asked, why do we cry when someone dear dies?
For our own loss; not for the deceased or death. Master replied. Perhaps you lost your sources of income and sustenance, or your status, or your safety and security, or your support, your emotional balance, etc. While the one that died has no such feeling of loss or suffering.
Shouldn’t we be sad or suffer the loss of our loved ones? She asked again.
Not necessarily though you could, after all it’s your life and choice; you may bereave if you wish to and find it easy to cope up with your loss. You have to think what did you really lose when someone dies and what had you gained while that person was alive. Everything eventually are memories; the one who lived and is now dead. All that you had loved about the deceased or did with him or her or whatever made it all so lovely are nothing but memories even when the person was alive, and now that the person is dead all those memories are still nothing but memories. Only difference is that now you know that the memories would never be re-enacted in this life anymore so you grieve about the unforeseen future while you let go off all the memories that you two had created and lived. Every day each moment we create memories, some bad, some good, some happy, some sad, some funny some not so funny, some amuse us, some make us cry; yet to live you must keep creating memories and it is actually up to us to make the memories the way we want to remember and be remembered.

Death is nothing my friends, it is only another side of life. Both are good, both are necessary, both are temporary, both are memories. We love life since it is limited and we fear death since it is inevitable and something that we think will end it all. Now nothing that doesn’t end can ever begin. Be calm and happy and grateful in life as grateful and calm and happy in death. As while the person lived and now while dead, the memories are still with you, within you, around you, for you, as long as you want. Death is only an end to physicality but in living too the physicality is impermanent. We rely too much on our visual and touching senses and little on our subliminal ones. No one actually dies, they continue to live as long as we cherish and nurture the memories, just like in living. 

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