Saturday, October 10, 2015

What is Happiness

What is happiness? I asked one day.
It is an attitude and a choice and a way of living. It is already within us embedded deep.

Then why do we attach happiness to external things like a car, or a house, or meeting someone or falling in love or going on a vacation, getting a job, winning a game, etc?

These external stimuli are only keys to unlock the happiness within us. Let’s imagine that your body is a jar of cookies, the container, and the cookies, which is your happiness, are inside but you can't unlock or open the jar without an aid and these things like money new possessions an occasion (marriage, birthday, anniversaries) or meeting someone, falling in love etc acts as that aid to unlock or uncap the jar so now you can reach inside and get your cookies or happiness if you call it.

But if your jar is empty and there are no cookies inside then no matter how many times you open the jar you won’t find any cookies or happiness. So first create the cookies within and then look for the aids to open the jar.

What happens after I consume all the cookies inside the jar? I asked playfully. I wasn’t going to let the old man go easily.

He gently ruffled my hair; for he knew I was jesting, and said, ‘No matter how high you climb, would you ever become a bird?’ 

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