Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Length of Life

How long should life ideally be? I asked one day
Master broke into a guffaw before replying, who gave you such an idea that there could be an ideal life span? He seemed highly amused.
It’s that people sometime say that the person died too young, or before living fully, or that someone died too old, so I am puzzled.
Life is life just like its span; nothing is too long or short, early or late. Just like a glass of water. The water will either finish quickly or last long depending upon how quickly or slowly you drink, yet the volume of water in both cases remain the same. You can’t really say that the water finished too soon or too late.

So is life, if you lived it fully, enjoying and making each moment count then even a short life is complete and if you didn’t then even a long life is inadequate. Life should not be measured in years but how you lived the years. 

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