Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Love Dilemma

Master, as you say that Love is the most powerful energy, then why there's so much pain and misery that comes with it? I asked one day. 

The pain comes from trying to quantify, justify and verify, followed by vilify when nothing else works to human desires. To this mishmash sprinkle the elements of doubt, possession, control, attachment and dependency and we have the perfect cocktail of misery and sorrow from the very source that should ideally be our greatest source of happiness, joy and well-being.

The moment we feel love and loved for one person, we start possessing that person, imagining that he or she soley belongs to us only for us, then we try to quantify that how much do we love each other, do we love the most or more than we love anyone else; after that comes the justification or the reason that we want to know as to why do I love that person and vice versa. 

Then you want to verify this love for each other every now and then since seeing the Sun every morning and isn't enough, the sun has to come screaming out loud every day to tell us that it exists and shines in the sky and will be there all our life. At this point we should let it be and lay off trying to prove or describe or hold on to Love. But if it doesn't happen then we say negative things about the very person who, a while ago, was our everything, our all-permeating source of life. 

Love is love and just let it be. Love your loved ones like you love the Sun or the mountains or the oceans. A silly diamond ring doesn't prove that you love someone or that someone loves you, it only proves that he has enough money and is stupid enough to spend it on something as fickle and shallow like a diamond ring. Love is something that is beyond us to understand but it is there as it always has been. Like being creatures of three dimension it is impossible for us to understand 4 or 5 dimensions. 

If only we enjoyed the journey then all will be well. Like taking a cruise across the oceans in a luxury liner. You don't want to understand or explain or even discover by diving in, how deep the ocean is or what all creatures reside in it, or how your ship is being run and who is running it. Neither do you want to control the ocean waves or the course of the ship. You don't want to change the elements since you know that you just cannot. Though you love the ride you don't get attached since you know that it is going to end one day and you don't become dependent upon the ship or the captain and crew even though your very life depends upon these people, most of whom you won't even see or know that they exist. Yet the voyage will have its ups and downs, stormy nights and placid days, not every day would be full of excitement nor all your co-passengers would smile at you. Yet you enjoy the voyage and love the experience. 

Let love be that journey across your oceans and dreams. Go with the flow, wherever it may take you and enjoy the ride. And of course if it becomes too much, there's always the lifeboat or raft that you can escape in.  

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