Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What is Love

What is Love? Once a woman asked the Master.

It is a force, a boundless source of energy like any other. But when applied to human it can be the most powerful source of that energy, which can move mountains as well as destroy them too. By itself it is neither bad nor good. Depends upon how you channelize it, how you apply it and what happens thereafter. It is actually nothing and at the same time can be everything. 

The water we drink to sustain life can also drown us to death, the fire we burn for cooking food and warmth has the power to destroy us too; similarly love. It has the potential and the promise for all good and also all evil. By itself, it is nothing, just an idea or a phenomenon and a bundle of energy without any application. 

So what is Love? The woman asked again. I think she was puzzled. 

It is an essence that if we try to explain or understand causes it to disappear since the very effect of looking blows it away. But we can observe its effect, its duality and dichotomy reflected through objects and people around us. Just like air and breeze. We breath it every moment yet we cannot see it, cannot hold or imprison it, but we can feel its effect when it blows into a breeze and in the dancing of the flowers or tree leaves, or its carefree rush on our face or in our uplifted gaze at our beloved.

We are all submerged and immersed into this vast endless infinite ocean of love, to understand what it is isn't in our capacity, but to see its effect and to rejoice in its warm embrace is the only thing that we can do. 

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