Thursday, December 24, 2015

Meaning of Life

One day as I approached the hermitage of a great master, upon a distant hill, I came across the carcass of a beautiful musk deer. I felt a bit saddened at the sight, such a lovely creature now dead, which would never gallop again.

With this thought, when I met the master, I asked: what is the meaning of life?

Whatever you make of it. He replied. There is no objective or intrinsic meaning to life. Nothing in the grand order of nature and cosmos would alter or affect if you or I weren’t born or no human ever lived. Our lives are not important to anyone besides ourselves so we got to give it a meaning and find a purpose for our lives. The life that you live can only be justified by you and when it ends, as it would surely do, it is again you who has to decide if it was worthy of living and if you would wish to live again.

Is life worthless then? I insisted. If it has no meaning to anyone besides the one living it!

I have no idea why we are born, any one of us, or even why life as we know it should exist; but once we are born; which is completely out of our control, we must make it worthy of living since we have to live it and in doing so help others live too. Meaning of life is in the ‘living’; if we don’t truly live only then life is worthless. Therefore life is truly wonderful because you have the power to make it into whatever you want and to find the meaning that you want to. 

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