Sunday, March 27, 2016

Love and Hate

How do we counter hatred? A man one day asked the Master
The same way you counter anger; by pausing before you strike or act in hatred and asking yourself 'why'. Why do you hate someone or something. Go to the root of hatred or anger, dive deep and by the time you find the reason, your hatred and anger would have dissipated to the level that you can control, understand and cope up with. 

Being angry or feeling hatred is natural for human. The reasons are many. But like any other feeling we must use both anger and hatred to communicate something positive and constructive. It simply is a constriction of life-giving energy. Clear the block, open the clogged drain and let the positive energy flow and all anger and hatred would be dissipated.

A pause and rational thinking leads to overpowering and eventually controlling anger and hatred. And remember the seat of hatred is also the seat of love and there's not much difference between the two. 

If you can hate, so can you love. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Once while travelling through the Himalaya I heard of a mono-syllabic guru; who was known to answer all questions with only one word... the same word. This seemed like the ultimate unified solution that theoretical physicists have been talking about; one theory to explain all theories, or in this case one word to explain all words. I had to go and see this guru.

I found him perched on a raised platform of mud, beneath a tree shade. He looked normal yet the smile plastered on his face that just refused to go bespoke of inner calm and happiness. I stood aside, observing the serpentine queue of devotees that came from far seeking his wisdom and blessings. I learned that the guru had only one rule that only one question was allowed per individual.  

An old lady shuffled forward and asked: I am going to die soon, I am old yet I want to live to see my grandkids grow and get married and this makes me unhappy. Is there anything I can do to overcome my sadness? The guru parted his smiling lips: yes. And she was succeeded by a young girl. She asked: I am in love with a boy but he doesn’t love me, he thinks I am not beautiful enough for him. I am sad and I want to be beautiful. Am I not beautiful? The guru looked at the girl (for she was really beautiful; the boy must either be totally blind or daft) and uttered: yes.

Then came forward a young mother holding hands of a little girl and she asked: my daughter is ill, she can’t eat anything. I am so poor, how can I take care of her? The guru extended his right hand and caressed the little girl, pretty as a petal yet faded as old. He looked up at the mother and said: yes. A couple came forward thereafter; they looked wealthy and well-heeled. The man asked: we have everything yet we are not happy for we can’t have a son. We have tried everything, all the doctors, many temples have we visited yet nothing. Finally we have come to you. Please help us. The guru simply blinked twice and smiled: yes.

A young man in his mid-twenties crouched in front of the guru with bowing head. I want to be rich and famous and travel the world, yet I don’t know how I can. I want to change the world. Please tell me how I can! He asked. Yes, the guru said and looked at the old man waiting behind the young man. Even before the old man could open his mouth the guru said: yes. And bid him to move on.

Sensing a gap in the line and having already understood the guru’s message I jumped in and crouched in front of him. I looked into his deep set eyes and we held gaze for about a minute. We both were smiling.

And I said: Yes!

To which he uttered immediately: YES. 

Friday, March 11, 2016


One day someone asked the Master, 'why do we have so much hatred and suspicion in the world? Why don't we all live in peace as a family?'

Master replied: We all are so busy claiming and establishing our nationality, religion, language, beliefs, political boundaries, colors, casts, gender, values, ethnicity, history that we don't realize these are the ones that divide us. We have forgotten to claim our humanity, our underlying unifying factor that we all are same and belong to one single race, one specie. When someone asks 'who are you?' we promptly rattle out our individual name, nationality, job title and achievements, but we never say the word that is most obvious and important. We don't say, 'I am human'. How can we ever be united with this mindset?

'Then what is the solution?' the man asked.

'Solution is all around us my friend, within the very nature that nurtures us that we now seek to destroy. Sky is the same sky all over the world, snow is snow everywhere, a mountain is a mountain anywhere in the world, grass is green in every country. We cannot say that this sky is American or Chinese or Indian, even though it has various shades of the rainbow and changes hues often. When we see a mountain we have no idea where it is since it could be anywhere, animals similarly have no nationalities or differences, a frog from Australia can easily mingle with frogs in Amazon. And that's what we have to learn, to be one unified specie even if we all don't look the same.' 

Be human, before being the citizen of a country, speaking a certain tongue, worshiping a particular god, following a set of beliefs, or laying claim to some arcane history.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Favorable Wind

Once I accompanied the Master on a journey to the other side of the delta, where we had to get on a sail boat across the sea. We found the boat captain sitting idly by the dock, puffing away unmindful. 

'When do we sail?' I asked the boat man.
'I don't know sir,' he replied, 'I am waiting for the favorable wind'. 

So Master and I sat down under a nearby tree and waited. Even after an hour when nothing moved, neither the boat captain nor the wind, I went and asked him again; to which he offered the same reply. This time Master came with me. 

'Are we supposed to sail within the harbor, my good man?' Master asked.
'Of course not sir,' the boat captain replied. 'We will sail through the great sea.'

'Then please tell me captain, How would we know where favourable winds are if we never sail out to the open seas!'


Once a middle aged man came to seek blessings from the Master. He looked well and content yet something disturbed his placid demeanor. 
'What ails you, my son?' Master asked.

'I have always wanted to go around the world, to explore, to discover and to enjoy the bounties of our planet,' the man replied. 
'Why haven't you done it yet then?' 
'I need a companion, a partner I love, with whom I wish to do this journey. I am still waiting to find her, my companion.'

Master smiled and said: If you keep waiting for the ideal companion to begin your dream voyage you may never start for in all likelihood your dream companion is already on the road. The day you begin your journey, she will find you.