Thursday, March 10, 2016


Once a middle aged man came to seek blessings from the Master. He looked well and content yet something disturbed his placid demeanor. 
'What ails you, my son?' Master asked.

'I have always wanted to go around the world, to explore, to discover and to enjoy the bounties of our planet,' the man replied. 
'Why haven't you done it yet then?' 
'I need a companion, a partner I love, with whom I wish to do this journey. I am still waiting to find her, my companion.'

Master smiled and said: If you keep waiting for the ideal companion to begin your dream voyage you may never start for in all likelihood your dream companion is already on the road. The day you begin your journey, she will find you. 

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  1. Satya, thanks for sharing all these wise stories with us. Wish more people were like you. I recommend to all the people, to read , think and finally apply to your words. I have already done it and since then I have found real happiness and true love!