Thursday, March 10, 2016

Favorable Wind

Once I accompanied the Master on a journey to the other side of the delta, where we had to get on a sail boat across the sea. We found the boat captain sitting idly by the dock, puffing away unmindful. 

'When do we sail?' I asked the boat man.
'I don't know sir,' he replied, 'I am waiting for the favorable wind'. 

So Master and I sat down under a nearby tree and waited. Even after an hour when nothing moved, neither the boat captain nor the wind, I went and asked him again; to which he offered the same reply. This time Master came with me. 

'Are we supposed to sail within the harbor, my good man?' Master asked.
'Of course not sir,' the boat captain replied. 'We will sail through the great sea.'

'Then please tell me captain, How would we know where favourable winds are if we never sail out to the open seas!'

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