Friday, March 11, 2016


One day someone asked the Master, 'why do we have so much hatred and suspicion in the world? Why don't we all live in peace as a family?'

Master replied: We all are so busy claiming and establishing our nationality, religion, language, beliefs, political boundaries, colors, casts, gender, values, ethnicity, history that we don't realize these are the ones that divide us. We have forgotten to claim our humanity, our underlying unifying factor that we all are same and belong to one single race, one specie. When someone asks 'who are you?' we promptly rattle out our individual name, nationality, job title and achievements, but we never say the word that is most obvious and important. We don't say, 'I am human'. How can we ever be united with this mindset?

'Then what is the solution?' the man asked.

'Solution is all around us my friend, within the very nature that nurtures us that we now seek to destroy. Sky is the same sky all over the world, snow is snow everywhere, a mountain is a mountain anywhere in the world, grass is green in every country. We cannot say that this sky is American or Chinese or Indian, even though it has various shades of the rainbow and changes hues often. When we see a mountain we have no idea where it is since it could be anywhere, animals similarly have no nationalities or differences, a frog from Australia can easily mingle with frogs in Amazon. And that's what we have to learn, to be one unified specie even if we all don't look the same.' 

Be human, before being the citizen of a country, speaking a certain tongue, worshiping a particular god, following a set of beliefs, or laying claim to some arcane history.  

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