Sunday, March 27, 2016

Love and Hate

How do we counter hatred? A man one day asked the Master
The same way you counter anger; by pausing before you strike or act in hatred and asking yourself 'why'. Why do you hate someone or something. Go to the root of hatred or anger, dive deep and by the time you find the reason, your hatred and anger would have dissipated to the level that you can control, understand and cope up with. 

Being angry or feeling hatred is natural for human. The reasons are many. But like any other feeling we must use both anger and hatred to communicate something positive and constructive. It simply is a constriction of life-giving energy. Clear the block, open the clogged drain and let the positive energy flow and all anger and hatred would be dissipated.

A pause and rational thinking leads to overpowering and eventually controlling anger and hatred. And remember the seat of hatred is also the seat of love and there's not much difference between the two. 

If you can hate, so can you love. 

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