Saturday, April 2, 2016

Seek Nothing

One day some of us had gathered with the Master in his mountain hut and the general discussion was what’s most important in the world. As we threw our personal opinions into the wind, Master listened eyes half closed, petting his one legged dog fondly.
‘It’s love that is most important.’ I said.
‘No, it’s food and you can’t eat Love.’ Another interjected.
‘It must be water,’ said another.
‘It’s family and home.’ A girl said. She was obviously looking for that. The discussion was now gaining a bit of ruckus without any sign of a conclusion. So I pulled the dog’s tail and he promptly bit the Master’s fingers, which brought him out of his forenoon stupor.

‘It’s nothing that is most important.’ Master said.
‘Come on, not one of your conundrums,’ the girl laughed out loud.
‘By nothing I mean ‘air’. It is everywhere yet you don’t see it, it is nothing just emptiness. You can live without food for long, without water a little less, without love all your life, but without air only few minutes. Though it is nothing it runs everything, the world literally runs on air. Look at all the vehicles, mechanized or manual, everything runs on wheels and wheels are filled with air. Even the finest car with tanks full of fuel won’t budge a yard without its wheels. While with empty tanks even the worst vehicle in the world can move provided it has wheels full of air. Even the plane that flies does so because of air. when you build a house, it is air that occupies the maximum volume and actually constitutes the home. Perceived practically air is nothing yet it is most important. Every living and non living are shaped and sustained by air.’
‘So should we live with nothing,’ the girl insisted, even as others forbade her to oppose the Master.
Master laughed heartily: yes of course my dear because only in nothing do we find everything. Seek nothing and you will find everything.

And always remember my friends: not to seek anything is not the same thing as seeking nothing. Seek...

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