Friday, May 20, 2016


The morning breeze blew gently across the green dew-laden grass as I walked silently beside the Master through the chilly mist. Even though serenity surrounded me I felt restless as I struggled with a question within. And as I always did, I asked:
I am not able to decide which is the most potent force or feeling; love, hope or belief.

It is the one that you would let go off last that is most potent. Master replied. And it is hope my friend that anyone will hold on till the end. Even on death bed we hope that we would live a little longer. When love is lost, as it would be, we hope that it would return or we would find another. When belief is broken, as it happens often, even the belief in God, we hope that the belief would be rekindled and revived again.

With hope we live and with hope we die. Hope is the most powerful of all thoughts and emotions. Without hope we are lost, without hope there’s no future, no memory of the past and no need for the present.