Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just Walk

Getting lost and being lost is the beginning of discovery, not only of self but also of the world around. So I often get lost, intentionally even, leaving the known trail. So once I was lost, as usual and came upon a Master in his mountain cave. He was looking at me as I came up the path to his abode.

'Which way should I go?' I asked the Master.
'Depends upon which way you want to go.' He replied.
'I want to cross that mountain pass,' I pointed at the yonder summit.
He led me to the other side of his cave from where we had a clear view of the valley below that led to the mountain pass. But there were two paths, one leading to the left and another to the right. Both seemed to be in the direction of the pass. He pointed to the one on the left and said, 'you should take that path my friend.'

'Are you sure?' I asked as I wanted to be certain that he was indeed pointing at the right path. 'Will I reach the pass on that trail?'

'You will find something for sure my friend.' the Master replied. 

'What will I find?' I asked intrigued. He seemed my  kind of Master. 

'I don't know, I have never walked that path and even if I did, I would find only what I seek that is different from what you seek. Even when we walk the same trail, we would discover and find different things because our quest is different. You will find what you seek and I shall find what I seek. But I can assure you that you will surely find something, even if it is unexpected, unwanted or unplanned. So go and walk that path since you must upon one of them. The right or left, right or wrong doesn't matter, since both are equally obscure, mysterious and confusing. But the only way to overcome such pitfalls is to walk a path without the desire to reach anywhere or cross any mountain pass. Seeking often takes us away from what we must experience and deserve. Walk without seeking. Just walk my friend and many mountain passes will you overcome and many new worlds shall you observe.'

'So you mean I could take the path to the right as well,' I asked again.

'Perhaps,' the Master replied, 'I don't know and it's for you to find.' 

'But how do I find if I don't seek?' 

'Just walk.' 

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