Monday, November 14, 2016


Master, once a man asked, how can I be like you? I wish to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and to achieve the impossible.

Well my friend, Master smiled; first of all you can never be like me or anyone else for that matter. You will always be like your own self or a copy of someone else. But tell me, do you think I inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and achieve the impossible!

Of course you do. The man exclaimed. Whoever comes at your door, returns full of courage and inspiration to lead a better life, to overcome challenges.  And that’s what I want to do.

Well young man, Master uttered, inspiring someone is not the same as wanting to inspire someone. If your inspiration comes out of the desire to inspire someone then what will you do when there’s no one to inspire!

I didn’t get you... the man now asked.

If you want to be something then be a lighthouse my friend. It shines day and night, with the same intensity and rhythm, not with the purpose of showing the way to a vagrant ship, but to fulfil its own purpose of existence, which is to shine and offer light. It lights up even when there is no one lost or watching, it just does its nature, its purpose for being what and who it is.

But how will I find the lost if I don’t wish to inspire and lead.

My friend, Master replied softly: you be the lighthouse and the lost will find you. 

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