Monday, November 7, 2016

Love and Happiness

One day a fine young man rushed into the Master’s abode and fell at his feet, crying, as if his entire world has collapsed; and indeed it had, if I was to believe the young man.

Master, my life is over, there’s nothing left for me. All my happiness is gone. What should I do? The youth asked.
You look fine to me, Master muttered, but tell me why you feel otherwise...
The love of my life, the girl I love, has left me for another. I will never be happy again.
Did you always know this girl, right from the day you were born?
No, I met her two years ago, when I was twenty.

Were you happy before you met her, up to your twenty years of life? Master quizzed.
Yes, I think I was. But not anymore.
Then why don’t you go back to the life you had before you met her. You only need to travel two years back in time to find the happiness that you knew before having this girl in your life.

But how can I do that? The youth was completely bewildered. She taught me happiness, she showed me happiness, and she is my happiness.

She was never your happiness. No one can be your happiness. Imagine yourself sitting inside a dark room with all windows shut while you are seeking the sun or happiness if you care to call it. And then one day someone comes into the room, finds you in the darkness, and then opens the window. The light floods in, the sun shines and you find your happiness, the sunshine. Now the person who opened the window is not happiness, she only opened the window to show you where happiness is. And you fell in love with her, which is excellent for we all need someone from time to time to open our windows, but you falsely believed that she is ‘happiness’ too.

Do not despair my friend, happiness is exactly where it always was, is and will be; that is deep within you. You were happy before you met this girl and you will be happy even after she has left because now your windows are open and you know that sun shines outside in the sky. But if the window has got shut again and you don’t know how to open it then wait patiently in the dark room, for someone soon will come along to open the window again.

And next time, when you fall in love with another person who will open the window for you falsely believing that she is happiness, please do ask her to teach you how to open the window or better how to keep it open even after she is gone. Let love show you the light and happiness but don’t be dependent upon it, for love is the way not the destination.

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