Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love is Belief

One day a beautiful girl visited the Master and asked: how do I know how much he loves me, how do I define how he loves me and how do I understand how he loves me.

Master smiled and asked the girl to ease her worrying mind: my child do you wish to bind your love to limitations, do you wish to define it within the words derived by human and do you wish to understand it with human intellect?

I don’t understand you Master. She replied puzzled.

My girl, Master spoke: love as I understand is of only one kind, that which is boundless and beyond definition and cognisance. When you seek ‘how much’ you are seeking a boundary of scale, which by itself is a limitation no matter how big the scale is. Let love be boundless and beyond compare. Let it be without beginning and end or mass or dimensions, let it be effervescent as well as tangible, let it be all and nothing, let it be boundless timeless eternal and all permeating. When you seek to define, you put words to describe what is indescribable and even indecipherable and there’s no way you or anyone can achieve that. We cannot put into words something that is beyond and above definition. Leave it undefined, leave it open, leave it as a sense as an essence of something that you know and don’t all at the same instant. When you wish to understand you are limiting it again by putting it across the scale of your knowledge and understanding. You wish to understand it within the periphery of your existing knowledge or the knowledge of humanity. Yet how can you do that since it is something that no one understands except the fact that it is the most potent force in the world. We don’t know what love is but we know what it can do. Just like we don’t know what God is, but we know that what God can do. So treat love like we treat God.

Love is a belief and belief cannot be defined, measured or understood. It is what it is and so let it be.