Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lonely or Alone

Once I attended a discourse at Master’s mountain abode, where many devotees had thronged too. Among them was one young man who seemed eternally melancholy. He rarely spoke or communicated with the rest of us. On the final day, while people were taking Master’s blessings before dispersing, Master asked the man:

Why do you look unhappy my son?
I am alone Master, there’s no one and nothing for me. The man replied gloomily.

Are you alone or you are lonely? Master quizzed
What’s the difference? The man asked.

Being lonely is rejection of yourself and all that is around you, it is a negative state of existence, and it is about self-hate and self destruction. It is like wiping out the candle to see in darkness, it is denial of who and what you are and the world that embraces you.

Being alone is acceptance of yourself and all that is around you, it is a positive state of existence, and it is about self-love and self preservation. It is like lighting up the candle to eliminate darkness, it is who you are and what you are and it is about embracing the world back that embraces you.

We suffer when lonely; when alone we rejoice. We all come into this life alone and must leave alone, but none of us are lonely, unless we wish to be.

ALONE stands for ALL-in-ONE therefore my son, find all that you seek and desire within yourself, because you are the One and you have all within you.  

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