Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lake or the Glass

One day I was sharing a lighter moment with the Master, when a much agitated young man arrived. He fell at the feet of the Master and ululated: Oh Master, show me the way, my life is full of miseries.

Bring him a glass of water; Master commandeered, which I obeyed. The youth gulped the water down. The Master filled his glass up and then added a spoon of salt in it. Now drink this son.

The bewildered youth followed and immediately spat out the water. How does it taste? Master asked. Awful, it’s so bitter. He replied.

Let’s go for a walk to the mountain lake. Master suggested. Three of us, followed by few more, left for the walk. All through the journey of an hour, Master hummed a beautiful melody while I walked beside merrily. Only the young fellow seemed more troubled. He didn’t see how his miseries can be solved with a glass of salty water followed by a walk to a mountain lake.

We reached the shores of the turquoise lake. It glistened and shimmered beneath the sun. Small waves slithered across, chased by the cherubic breeze. Master produced another spoon of salt and handed to the youth. Please mix this into the lake. He asked.

The young man did as told. Now drink from the lake, the Master asked. And the young man did so and he drank several gulps as he must have been thirsty and tired after his long journey.

How does the water taste? Master asked. It’s so sweet, I feel so refreshed Master. The young man replied merrily.

My son, the amount of miseries in life is same for everyone for we create them through our choices and deeds, and it’s like the amount of salt you had in your glass or in this lake. Yet one tasted bitter and undrinkable while the other is sweet like nectar. Miseries will always be miseries but it is up to you to be the glass of water or the mountain lake.