Sunday, July 30, 2017

Living in the Moment

One morning a middle aged lady came to visit the Master. She seemed highly perturbed about something. She sat in front of the Master and bowed her head in reverence, and was about to speak, when Master uttered: my child come with me. Let’s take a walk.

As the Master led the lady, the rest of us followed. I would never miss a chance to walk with the Master. Upon these walks lay the secret to greatest of wisdoms.

Right behind the Master’s humble hut, there ran a clear sparkling brook that gurgled gently throughout the day. He led the woman to the brook and stopped. I noticed that he had stopped where there was a small dirty pool of water right next to the bank of the brook. The pool had stagnant muddy water. 

The Master pointed at the murky pool and said: your mind is like this still water, clutching onto the mud and dirt of the past and of the unknown future, therefore you suffer. But look at the brook, you won’t find any dirty water there, no matter how much dust or dirt or things fall into it, because it keeps moving and takes the dirt away. It is always in the present. Allow your mind to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future, and move with the flow of life, living in the moment.

Be the moving brook not the stagnant pool. 

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